Designing the Perfect Powder Room

Designing the Perfect Powder Room

Typically Powder Rooms are the most used bathroom in the home.  I say why not make it great?  The biggest lesson that I have learned over the years as an Interior Designer is to commit to the space, 100%. Tile, molding,  fixtures, door hardware,  paint, fabric, wallpaper, and lighting should all interconnect to create a perfect jewelry box or a fabulous  "Jeannie's Bottle".  Once you let your imagination go and commit to your tiny space, you will be very pleased with the results!  I have turned cartoons, maps, and fabric into a wallpaper, made my own lighting when I did not find the perfect fixture, just to name a few. It's the unexpected things that make powder rooms so great.



I love finding fun wallpaper for powder rooms because as I said, this is the perfect opportunity to be bold with colors and patterns that you might not use otherwise in a larger space. However, as you can see, in these bathrooms which we designed, the wallpaper makes a huge difference and adds personality to your guest powder room. Whether it is just one wall or all four, you can use wallpaper for making a statement, or just as an accent. I always want to make sure if there is a shower or tub nearby, the wallpaper is splash-proof, or to just have a strong fan. 





Powder Room Accessories

Home accessories are important to add texture and another dimension to any space. When it comes to designing the perfect powder room, I believe that this is important because even the smallest of accessories go a long way and you're able to get a lot of bang for your buck. Personally, I love to have great linens for all to use, but when you have a house full of guests, printed paper hostess napkins in a lacquered box is a beautiful touch as well.  In my guest bathroom (middle), we chose Matouk Whipstitch Hand Towels in Periwinkle and Sea/White. One of my favorite things when it comes to home accessories is adding a beautiful small vase with a sprig of flowers. I often will use something that I picked up at a flea market. Dig through your china cupboard for a pretty china plate for guest soaps which can be left wrapped or unwrapped. I usually leave them wrapped because they look like little presents. All these things add up to a pretty powder room that you and your guest will love.  





Importance of Trim and Molding 

I believe that interior moldings and trim in a powder room are extremely important. This is one of the easiest ways to make a room more elegant, add depth, and highlight certain elements of the room that are important and striking.  When you add crown molding and trim work to a room it is important that the style matches the of the home and is consistent throughout in order for the design to look cohesive.





Whether it be a spacious kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a living room made for entertaining, it's important to make every room in your home functional and authentic. We want you to love where you live, and a powder room is no exception. Although the space may be smaller, that does not mean it can't be fun, that's why I love decorating powder rooms.

XO, Kathy