Think Outside the Vase

Think Outside the Vase


When it comes to flowers, people generally make two big mistakes:

1)    Not having them.

2)    Placing them in the same old vase.

I’m a flower person. My kitchen in particular feels naked if it lacks a fresh bunch of blooms … Every day! I adore the smell and look of lilies, and spring is prime time for snagging colorful, fragrant bouquets.

If your home needs a renovation, flowers may be the easiest and least expensive way to make your space feel happy and bright.


For me, having flowers is just a complete habit. And luckily, it’s easier than it used to be. If you don’t have fresh flowers to pick in a garden or time to visit a proper florist, then you’ll find them at the entrance of just about any supermarket these days.

I always buy two bundles of flowers, so they look abundant.

And that brings us to mistake number two, not thinking outside the vase. Some of my favorite flower displays are interesting pieces of pottery or even kitchen items. Flowers can be beautiful in a ceramic soup terrine, a ginger jar, a cannister, a beverage pitcher, a seagrass basket, and more.  

To ensure your flowers stay put, either add a base of floral foam to your chosen vessel, or just crumple up a plastic bag or some other stuffer.  

Usually, if I’m going to keep the blooms short, I’ll clip most of the leaves off.


To fill your vessel, always start with one sprig or stem. Place it in your chosen vessel and step back a good distance. Take a look. Is it the height you want? How is it falling? When you’ve found a good height and arrangement, place the rest of the flowers and admire.


Another tip: A clear glass flour cannister with a round mouth is perfect way to showcase a very vertical tulip display, a flower that is in peak season right now.


Don’t forget to appreciate your lovely display every time you walk in the room. When petals fall or the little guys begin to wilt, be there to tidy up and discard the brown and fallen blooms. A good exercise is to make sure you appreciate your flowers every time you walk into a room. It’s not only good for overall mindfulness, but it’ll also help keep things tidy. Enjoy the scent, and pause for a moment. Be present in your own life, and your own home.